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Stun Gun
Class Special
Hands 1
Range 1
Ammo capacity 6
Damage Type Piercing
Stat Chance Knockdown 100%, Dizzy 100%
Noise 8
Strength 1
ZDamage 100%
Critical Hit chance 0%
Critical Multiplier 0.00x
Weight 0.50 lbs

This tool fires a large jolt of electricity into an assailant, knocking them to the ground. This weapon is effective on both human and undead targets - but obviously remaining a better weapon against humans, who will remain stunned for a while after the attack. Due to how this particular weapon is powered, once its charges are depleted, it will unfortunately be useless.

Attacks[ | ]

Stun[ | ]

  • Basic AP Cost: 4
  • Damage: 0-0 (Piercing)
  • Knocks the target down