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Subleaders are characters who act as representatives of other members of the Shelter, and offer their opinions during Crisis Events.

Overview[ | ]

Each subleader carries the "Subleader" trait, and has additional options to negotiate or bribe them during their Shelter conversations (although some will take to this better than others) - and unlike many members of the Shelter, their respect for you is carefully gauged... and failing to take it into account can turn them and all of their supporters against you, endangering your role as leader of the Shelter.

Respect[ | ]

Unlike other survivors, Subleaders have an addition trait tracked (aside from Mood) - Respect. This is influenced in their daily interactions, and cannot be boosted with Special Luxury Items, like Mood. For some Subleaders, they won't be above accepting things in return for a favor (Regina, Todd, and Sandy), while Lloyd, Vic and Paul cannot be bought or bribed, and only can be influenced through your actions.

Respect can utilized as a kind of vague currency in Crisis Events, where those leaders from whom you've "bought" a favor to improve their respect (or who have a high Respect for you) will forego their own opinion on an issue in order to "sell" your decision to their supporters. This will cost you, but potentially far less than if you make a decision they dislike and have no reason to speak in your favor. Buying a favor only works once so be careful when you need a favor cashed in.

As a player, be very careful of your Respect level: this won't be an obvious thing, like Mood, but is more subtly tracked, especially through the tones in which one of the Subleaders react to your decision in crisis events as well as if they are willing to talk about their personal lives with you. If you remember you've disagreed with a certain Subleader various times, it might be a good idea to try and get on their good side by accepting decisions they approve of and in general try to be agreeable with, or find a delicate way to remove them from the situation.

In a Crisis meeting, the decision is split into four results:

  • Agree, the subleader gains respect as well as gaining a mood boost from their allies
  • Disagree, but respect your decision. They do not agree but will follow through with the idea, resulting in a smaller respect and mood loss to their group. Generally this requires a respect score of over 5 or a favor secured from previous events.
  • Disagree completely, resulting in a large respect loss and subsequent mood loss to supporters as well. This happens if your respect score is under 5. Their tone is much more displeased than if they respect your choice.
  • Strongly Disagree. Even more respect loss than disagree completely. Happens when the decision is about a subleader directly and goes against them, or goes against a sub-leader's beliefs like Todd's pacifism and they do not respect you enough.

Roles[ | ]

Thematically speaking, each of the six subleaders is supposed to represent an aspect of society, and their decisions and attitudes will tend to reflect that. However, at the end of the day, they are people and not archetypes, and can be reasoned with, bribed, coerced, or convinced of your point of view.

  • Lloyd - Survival. Pragmatist, unemotional outlook.
  • Paul - Military. Direct, practical, concerned with amoral issues.
  • Regina - Criminal. Harsh, uncompromising, concerned with strong leadership and harsh punishments.
  • Sandy - Society. Concerned with propriety, punishment, fairness.
  • Todd - Religion. Understanding, forgiving, willing to make group sacrifices to show mercy.
  • Vic - Order. Avoids violence in favor of imprisonment, principle of law.

Supporters[ | ]

Each Subleader has a set number of supporters who will follow them as a representative, and will be influenced by their satisfaction or dislike of any decisions made in Crisis Events. Allies who do not have their chosen Subleader in the Shelter will be marked as "Unaffiliated" - although they will not lose bonus Mood from a decision, neither will they gain any.

Davis (and any animal allies, like Lightning or Pepper) will always be neutral.

Vic Supporters[ | ]

While they have a strong grip on reality since the collapse of society, they are also heavily weighed down by emotional attachments to loved ones and such desires the safety of people they closely care about.

Paul Supporters[ | ]

Moral to a fault, these survivors have a strong moral compass and reject to any act of atrocity to survive. To them, unnecessary bloodshed is what divides them from the hostile survivors

Lloyd Supporters[ | ]

Most of these survivors are abrasive and have a pessimistic attitude in general. While capable fighters in general, they also tend to clash with everybody including themselves.

Regina Supporters[ | ]

Consisting mostly of women and "dumb" muscle, Regina's supporters join Regina due to her strong attitude and zero tolerance for anyone who comes to harm her followers.

Todd Supporters[ | ]

Moralistic individuals in general, while flawed they still have a sense of morality and a desire for repentance. As such they flock to Todd for guidance and hope.

Sandy Supporters[ | ]

Emotionally fragile in general, while they have strong non combat skills in the shelter, they also have in some ways a personal issue that needs to be addressed if they are to be kept in the shelter.

Mutiny[ | ]

When a Subleader starts to lose Respect for the player, they will have a warning conversation trigger, letting the player know their Respect level is getting dangerously low. The player has a chance - often depending on their dialogue skills - to somewhat mitigate their Respect level, leave it where it is, or tank it further. The player can also potentially kill the offending Subleader, but at a large cost not only to the Morale of the Shelter, but the Respect levels of other Subleaders.

If a Subleader's Respect gets too low, they will challenge the player for control of the Shelter, triggering a Crisis Event. If the other leaders and allies support the mutineer leader (their Respect is also low), the player will be thrown out of the Shelter and it's game over. Certain decisions as a leader are weighted heavily as actions that offend other Subleaders. If the player wins the challenge by getting the most support (which they are heavily favored to do), the player must decide what to do with the mutineer. However, killing a Subleader will lead to Mood and Morale loss for the Shelter as it indicates internal upheaval.

Out of the six Subleaders, only two - Todd Kantell and Lloyd McCroskey - will not challenge you for leadership.