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The Supply Warehouse 281...

Supply Warehouse on Route 281[ | ]

This is one of three Supply Warehouse that has no other description than being a supply warehouse. This one is located on the Route 281. It consists of a massive warehouse, with a parking lot, a row of Garages. There is a wall around the warehouse and a locked fence rated 70.

There is nobody visible.

Location[ | ]

This warehouse is located on the route 281.

Resources[ | ]

Fuel, some food and luxuries, bag of cement.

Notably Loot[ | ]

  • Bag of Cement
  • dumbbell

Enemies[ | ]

  • Survivalists

Enemies are all inside the warehouse.

  • Survivalist Commando(Crash Axe, Buckler, Armored)
  • Survivalist Archer(Compound Bow)
  • Survivalist(Police Shotgun)
  • Survivalist(Lever-Action Rifle)
  • Survivalist Rifleman(assault rifle)
  • Survivalist Scout(Flare gun, telescopic baton)

Remarks: low spawns1

Notes[ | ]

  • Spawning might probably be depending a lot on the progress in the game.