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This area consist of a large central building with a parking lot to one side and a row of storage boxes to the other. It is surrounded by a wall made up of concrete blocks topped by a metal fence. When arriving on the map, you approach it from the rear where there is a gap in the wall and a single Coyote Scout, but there is more then one motorcycle.


This Supply Warehouse is situated about 15 miles the east of Stephenville along Route 67, hence the 67 behind the name to differ them from the other supply warehouses.


A place with a little bit of fuel, some parts and some combat gear.

Notable Loot[]

  • Fishing Pole in a stack of cardboard boxes
  • Fishing Pole in one of the storage boxes
  • Fishing Pole in the ware house.
  • Dumbbells in one of the storage boxes

Doors, locks and alarms[]

The warehouse doors are open at the front, the side-doors are unlocked. Some of the storage boxes are open, some unlocked and some are locked with doors rated 100.

Allies & Neutrals[]



  • coyotes

Dispersion Near the gap in the wall.

  • Coyote Scout
  • Coyote Brawler

In one of the storage boxes

  • Coyote Outlaw

Front of the warehouse

  • Lady Coyote
  • Coyote Scout
  • Coyote Guard


  • Coyote Enforcer
  • Coyote Outlaw

Inside in the office

  • Coyote Sergeant

Remarks: Zombies will spawn when making loud noises.


Possible spoiler: The base gives access to an underground bunker. If you are having trouble entering the bunker, one method is to separate your party members, then tab over each party member after clicking on the stairway. If done right, everyone will stack up on the same tile. The bunker has a separate page.