Survival is one of the available Skills in the game Dead State. With the survival skill players have training in wilderness/military survival. This skill gives players the ability to travel quicker on the Area Map, helps them avoid random encounters, allows them to survey greater distances, and allows them to harvest wild sources of food.


30 points may be placed in any skill, perks are awarded at levels 4, 12, and 30. The number of points required to advance a skill to the next level increases with only 1 point required for the first level up to 6 points for the 10'th level.

4 Skill PointsEdit

  • Survey
The player's keen senses have increased their survey range on the World Map by 50%.
  • Forager
The player's bond with nature has allowed them to increase their maximum harvesting amount by 25%.

12 Skill PointsEdit

  • Trailblazer
The player's skill has increased the on-foot speed of them and their party by 25%.
  • Expert Gardener
Your remarkable green thumb has allowed any gardens in the Shelter to produce and additional 50% food per day.

30 Skill PointsEdit

  • Animal Magnetism
Your Connection to the wild is so strong that a dog will show up to help you in combat (but will flee if too injured, to return later).

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