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Survivalists are the next level of enemy after Looters and Coyotes. They differ from Coyotes in that they have weapons that have a longer range than the ones Coyotes usually carry around. This includes weapons such as the Compound Bow, Hunting Rifle and the Lever-Action Rifle.

Types[ | ]

  • Survivalist Sharpshooter(Hunting Rifle(4 x 762 bullets), 4 x 762 bullets, Kukri, Camo Paint, Combat Boots, Potted Meat, Candles, Purification Tablets)
  • Survivalist Commando(Crash Axe, Buckler, Bola, Firefighter Helmet, Dog Sleeve, Combat Boots, Dried Fruits, Wine, Parts(4))
  • Survivalist Rifleman(AKA7(15 x 762 bullets), Snubnose(6 x 38 mm bullets), Combat Knife, Combat Boots, Dry Beans)
  • Survivalist Archer(Compound Bow(1 arrow), 8 arrows, Bowie Knife, Paintball Faceplate, Tactical Arm Guard, Sneakers, Bug Spray, Blanket, Jar of Preserves)
  • Survivalist Trapper(Hunting Shotgun( 2 Shells), Bola, Fire Axe, Stun Gun, Chewing Tobacco, Bandages, Flashlight, Combat Boots, Yard Gloves)
  • Survivalist Tracker(Crossbow(1 bolt), 8 bolts, bola, combat machete, butcher gloves, cleats, Chewing Tobacco, Jerky, Rat)
  • Survivalist Scout(Telescopic Baton, Flare Gun, Bola, Gas Mask, Sneakers, Data Item)
  • Survivalist Scout(alternative)(Aluminum Bat, Bola, Torch, Paintball Faceplate, Sneakers)
  • Survivalist(Night Stick, Lever-Action Rifle(4 bullets), 5 bullets, Camo paint, Combat Boots, Data Item, Powdered milk, Orange)
  • Survivalist(Police Shotgun(5 shells), Lever-Action Rifle(4 bullets), 5 shells, Bola, Combat Knife, Pepperspray, Camo paint, Combat Boots)1
  • Survivalist Chemist(Tree-Trimmer, Combat Machete, Tear Gas, Gas Mask, Cleats, Mushroom, Herbs)2
  • Survivalist Commander(AKA7, Telescopic Baton, Bracer, Tyre Armor, Combat Boots, Grenade)3

Notes[ | ]

1 Only encountered once at the San Angelo Bullseye.

2 A rare one to encounter.

3 Only encountered at the San Angelo Bullseye.