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Introduction[ | ]

Although the term survivors is used in general to describe people trying to deal with the zombie apocalypse, this page discusses a two enemies that are part of the group that besiege Fiona Parks and turn on you when you arrive at Friendly Fred's.

Description[ | ]

  • Survivor (Sledgehammer, Hatchet, Gasmask, Toilet Paper, Vitamins, Beer).
  • Survivor(9 mm Pistol, Machete, Molotov Cocktail, Gas mask, Leather Jacket, 9 mm bullet, Whiskey, Battery Pack, Data Item)
  • Survivor(2 Kitchen Knives, Screwdriver, Mystery Can, Toilet Paper)
  • Survivor(Machete, Mystery Can, Chips)
  • Survivor(Hatchet, Snubnose(6 Bullets), Toilet Paper, Can of Soup)
  • Survivor(Sickle, Pepper Spray, Bike Helmet, Basket Ball, Snack Cake, Potato, Crackers)
  • Survivor(Snubnose(4 Bullets), 1 Bullet, Kitchen Knife, Bandages, Cigarettes, Chocolate Bar)
  • Survivor(shell, Kitchen Knife, Baseball Bat, Can of Chili, Soda)

Locations[ | ]

Friendly Fred's.

Trivia[ | ]

These two enemies you only encounter at Friendly Fred's. It might be they are named thus to avoid you attacking them outright as you can talk to them before they attack you. If they had been called looters like the other three of their group you would probably not have tried talking to them.