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The The Equestrian Stables is a farm with a farmhouse, a barn, a chicken coop and stables. If you didn't already have horses, you can get them here. The coop contains a chicken that can be used for the coop at the shelter.

Location[ | ]

The Equestrian Stables are located in the northwest part of the map to the west of Route 277 on the same height as the Route 83 sign. It is some distant walking even with a high survival skill, so it is very likely you already have found horses at other farms.

Layout[ | ]

Upon entering the area is laid out like this. A road is to one side of the map. To the right of that road are the stables. In front is a gate with a parking lot with several cars. There are fences splitting the remaining area in separate sections. Facing the house the fenced off areas to the left and right cannot be entered. The only are is the one behind the house. This has a Barn, a chicken coop and three dog houses.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

The front and back doors of the house have a rating 50 and are locked. Doors on one side of the barn in the backyard are locked, those on the other side are open. There are no alarms.

Resources[ | ]

There are containers inside the house, in the barn, in the tents in the backyard, the cars in the front yard and there is a peach tree. All in all this place has a lot of luxuries and food and a decent amount of fuel. Not a bad place to loot.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • DVDS
  • Welding Torch

Enemies[ | ]

  • Survivalists
  • Attack dogs

*Spoilers*[ | ]

The place contains five hostile survivalists and three attack dogs. There is no way to avoid a fight to get to the horses and the coop.

Distribution[ | ]

In front of the house[ | ]

  • One survivalist scout, armed with a torch and a baseball bat.
  • One attack dog.

Inside the house[ | ]

  • One survivalist tracker armed with a crossbow.
  • One survivalist armed with a police shotgun.

In the backyard[ | ]

  • One survivalist archer armed with a bow.
  • One survivalist chemist armed with a teargas grenade, tree trimmer or combat machete.
  • Two attack dogs.

Remarks[ | ]

In an earlier game I noted that noises would spawn a lot of zombies. However this time around I did not get one. And I use a combat shotgun, which is about the loudest gun in the game.