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Splendid Elementary School.

The Shelter is the base of operations in Dead State. Splendid General Public School is the building used to serve this purpose. The player wakes up in the basement of the Shelter after surviving a plane crash.

Upgrades[ | ]

Main page: Upgrades

At the start of the game, you will be asked to fortify the school’s fence. Its purpose is to keep both zombies and raiders out and away from the survivors. It lasts a certain amount of days until it fails and needs to be patched or upgraded. After this first task is completed you may upgrade your shelter in a number of ways that each have their own requirements in terms of skills (required for members you assign to the job), parts (Consumed immediately when you start the job) and sometimes unique items. Much of your focus in the game will be to make the right upgrades, at the right time, with the right people while keeping necessities flowing into storage through scavenging teams.

Main points of interaction[ | ]

  • Shelter Storage - Used to manage allies inventory. Also used to recycle items.
  • Job Board - Used to manage Shelter Upgrades and other daily activities. It is also possible to progress time here.
  • Allies - Conversation might trigger events, reveal locations or effect their mood. You can also ask them what they like and gift them these items for a +3 to their mood.
  • Your Bed - Found upstairs. Used to progress to the next day.
  • Radio - Found in Davis' office. Sometimes reveals new locations on the map.
  • Data System - A computer next to Doug Schultz. Used to unscramble and read messages.

A typical day in the shelter[ | ]

An example of a typical day in the Shelter:

  1. Wake up and handle any conversational events that have been triggered.
  2. Listen to the Radio in Davis' office for any new map locations.
  3. Talk to allies (make sure to exhaust all dialogue, which may update after certain events or changes in mood).
  4. Assign duties at the job board, keeping an eye out for new upgrades.
  5. Exit the Shelter (Blue Grid outside front entrance), then select destination on map.
  6. Scavenge - and make sure to be back at the Shelter before midnight.
  7. Return with loot. Visit Shelter Storage to empty inventory of loot.
    • Scavenge again if time permits. Otherwise assign allies to necessary tasks.
  8. Talk to any new allies that were recruited.
  9. Increase allies moods with Special Request Items.
  10. Use the Data System to read any new messages found.
  11. Progress remaining hours of the day by using the clock in the bottom right corner of the Job Board screen.
  12. End the day by sleeping in your bed.

Game Over criteria[ | ]

The following are situations that will result in a Game Over:

  • The main character dies in combat
  • The fence is broken for more than 3 days (or if fence HP falls to 0; it will be attacked at certain points of the game)
  • The main character is mutinied against by other Shelter members
  • get to Day 98

Features and rooms of the school[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]