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Introduction[ | ]

The Shops at the Willows is a large commercial area with a Bargain Owl store and about eight smaller buildings, shops and fast food restaurants grouped around a shopping street

Layout[ | ]

The place is split in two parts by a Oak street. Upon entering there is the Bargain Owl store to your right hand. A large warehouse at the center of a parking lot. Across Oak Street is a shopping mall with eight small buildings that has suchs places as the All American Fine Diner and Bar, Sweet Swirlies, Tasty Ted's Family Restaurant, OI' Scratch Pizza and Hannigan & Hartwell's Bookstore. The building are all facing each other as they are centered around a paved walking area.

Location[ | ]

The Shops at the Willows is located in the west of Abilene along Interstate 20 about 90 miles north of the Shelter.

Resources[ | ]

There isn't much to loot here, just a bit of everything, but maybe enough to carry with two people, which makes it a nice place to do on the same run as one of the other places here such as Diamondback Garden Center or the Happy Boots Motel. With the aid of the car you might even be able to sweep all the places in one go.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • DVD player
  • Dumbbells
  • DVDs
  • The gear from the renegade soldiers.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

Almost all doors are unlocked and some are even open. The exception was the exception is the Tastee Ted's Family Restaurant which has a locked door rated 70 and an alarm.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Rogue Soldiers

Upon entering the streets look devoid of life and unlife alike, always a sign of trouble.

Zombies[ | ]

The zombies are spreads around in a certain pattern as there is a reason too. Read through the page to fit the pieces together. There are a few zombies around the place, but they cluster at two places. Inside the Bargain Ow store are over a dozen zombies. Around the shops are another dozen or so.

Rogue Soldiers[ | ]

A squad of soldiers headed by a captain are looting the shops.

  • Rogue Captain(MS4 (14 Bullets), Combat Helmet, Combat Knife, Grenade(?), Marksman Gloves, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Cigar(of course), Dogtag )
  • Rogue Sergeant(MS4 (14 Bullets), Combat Helmet, Combat Knife, Grenade, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Dogtag )1
  • Rogue Commando(Combat Knife, Tear Gas, Gas Mask, Hard Knuckle Gloves, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Cigarette, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Combat Medic(MK5(18 bullets), Combat Knife, Combat Helmet, Ballistic Vest, Medic Satchel, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(9 mm Pistol(6 bullets), Combat Machete, 3 Bullets, Weightlifting Gloves, Combat Boots, Candy, Data Item, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(MK 5(15 bullets), Combat Knife, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Dogtag)

Remarks[ | ]

  • Zombies spawn reasonably frequent with loud noises.

Notes[ | ]

1 The sergeant is inside a diner and might not be drawn out for a fight.