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The Wicked Lily

The Wicked Lily[ | ]

The Wicked Lily is a commercial type location - and where you can meet your ally Aimee Sysko. There is row of three stores: E-Z Laundry, Kitchen Supply Store, nameless store. Some cars offering fuel. The wicked lily is largest building here.

Location[ | ]

North-West of Splendid on Route 83.

Resources[ | ]

The most notable loot is fuel. Otherwise this are is low on loot, but has a bit of everything. The same goes for the wicked lily, which has a few items, such as Data Items.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

There are a few locked doors, but the unnamed store and E-Z Laundry can be enter through unlocked doors. The Kitchen Supply Store has a locked door rated 70 and a door rated 50. The entrances to the wicked Lily are all blocked except for the rear one, which has a rating of 23.

Enemies[ | ]

  • None