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Thugs are a rare breed in the game, but sometimes can be found among other groups such as looters. One group of thugs together with a dog called Angel has set up shop at the Foree Outlet Mall. As said in the general NPCs page, they seems to be slightly better armed with melee weapons as compared to looters although they lack ranged weapons and armor, except for leader types.

Tactics[ | ]

Thugs lack ranged weapons which makes them easy prey to anyone who does have them, especially as they also lack armor and tend to use the slow and may ap consting sledgehammers. Bows work very well well and you can use hit and run tactics on them and dispatch them with ease. However thugs might have some backup like dogs or the occasional other type with a side-arm or a rifle.

Types[ | ]

  • Thug Leader( 9 mm Pistol(6 bullets), a 9 mm Bullet, Machete, Molotov Cocktail, Gas Mask, Leather Jacket, Whiskey, Pack of Batteries, Data Items).
  • Thug( Sledgehammer, Hatchet, Gas Mask, Toilet Paper, Vitamins, Beer)

Locations(spoiler warning)[ | ]

Thugs can be encountered at the following places:

  • Foree Outlet Mall