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The To-Do List consists of missions that can be found through exploration, events and conversations.

The To-Do List is a collection of tasks and favors brought up by allies – everything from checking out a certain location to recovering a particular item. While completing tasks on the To-Do list won’t earn you any Skill Points, often they do important things like boost ally mood, unlock helpful loot, and sometimes prevent the death or loss of an ally. It’s definitely worth your while to pay close attention to when the tasks were brought up – some are time-sensitive, and will become unavailable if you wait too long!

If an ally specifically suggested something like going to the hospital and you don't, they may think you're ignoring their advice and lose confidence in you. They will usually tell you if they think something should be an immediate priority, so if you agree to do it, try to get it done on time.

Some missions are time sensitive. For those that are not keep in mind that as time goes on, the chance that a location has already been looted goes up, meaning you may get less from it than if you had gone earlier

The mission interface shows missions by how much time remains for them (from expiring today to no time limit) and a list of completed objectives.

On top of Missions there are also Goals.

There are several types of goals in the game, and most likely the player will reveal them constantly as they discover new areas, talk to people, and complete other goals. The goals fall under the following categories:

  • Reoccurring Goals – Milestones for food, fuel, parts collected, etc.
  • Exploration Goals – Goals for exploring areas.
  • Challenge Goals – Goals with specific or difficult requirements.

In addition to visible goals, there are some goals that are hidden until they are completed. These are goals you might not usually seek out or want to do, but constitute experience that shapes the role of a leader. These hidden goals are usually due to making a tough decision or sacrifice.

To do tasks[ | ]

  • Recover medicine for Jenifer at Strong Residence
  • Visit the Dublin Bar to find Aggro's ex-boyfriend
  • Find toolbox for repairing fence at Llano Commercial District.`
  • Find enough parts to repair the fence.
  • Investigate the Renovated Farmhouse Aimee mentioned.
  • Investigate Fort Locks Storage for Oscar.
  • Investigate the Old Army Base.
  • Investigate the Soaring Eagle Resort.
  • Investigate Bear Arms gun store Clifford mentioned.
  • Visit the trailer park and find Darlene's bow.
  • Investigate the Truck Stop Doug mentioned.
  • Investigate the Mansion for Effrem.
  • Meet Ford at the Abandoned Farm.
  • Get the stolen lighter from the mercenary leader in Austin for Gillian.
  • Investigate the Noisy Mausoleum that Grant mentioned.
  • Investigate Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp.
  • Investigate Mason Supermarket for Joel.
  • Investigate the Wicked Lily tattoo parlor.
  • Check in on Lane listener #4 at Fairchild's Organics.
  • Talk to Lane about the fates of his listeners.
  • Pick up Lane's music from Paradise Apartments.
  • Investigate the first Supply Warehouse that Lloyd mentioned.
  • Investigate the second Supply Warehouse that Lloyd mentioned.
  • Investigate the third Supply Warehouse that Lloyd mentioned.
  • Aimee needs tattoo gun for Regina.
  • Investigate the Old Army Base.
  • Find a special edition Galaxy Wars for Priscilla.
  • Investigate the Wicked Lily tattoo Parlor.
  • Get Wasp spray for Renee.
  • Anita needs medical dictionary for Renee.
  • Investigate Sweetwater.
  • Investigate Foree Outlet mall for Sandy.
  • Acquire antibiotics for Doug at Brady Pharmacy.
  • Find Asthma medicine for Ryan at Country Clinic.
  • Investigate the fuel depot.
  • Pick up Japanese/English dictionary for Michiru.
  • Search the Park for any evidence of Ryan's family.
  • Recover surgery tools for Michiru.
  • Build Wood-Reinforced Fence for Vic.
  • Build radio booster for Davis.
  • Check in on Lane listener #3 at the Dead End.
  • Investigate the fuel depot.
  • Investigate the Mmm Bison on Bison Street.
  • Investigate the Chunk Bros factory the radio mentioned.
  • Investigate the Hamilton Airfield the radio mentioned.
  • Investigate the Dublin Bar the radio mentioned.
  • Visit Medieval Tines with Priscilla.
  • Find guitar strings for Aggro.
  • Investigate the Runnin' Terroir Winery for Sandy.

Remarks[ | ]

The list is take from the To Do list in the game.

The game doesn't seem to handle things well if you do them out of sequence in regards to the To Do lists.

Some tasks get double entries, possibly because more people can give them.

Some tasks are said to be given by Allies that were never recruited(in my case I never recruited Effrem, Grant, Clifford, Lloyd, Sandy

Some tasks seem to remain open even though you fulfilled them, like getting the medicine for Jenifer. If you went to the Strong residence before she asks you too it doesn't get updated. In this case it would probably be wise to wait until the tasks appears on the to do list.

Shelter Goals[ | ]

Shelter Goals
Goal Type Moral bonus Notes
Antibiotics collected. xx/50 Recurring Yes (>=10)
Food Collected. xx/150 Recurring Yes (>=50) This concerns the total items, not the total value.
Fuel Collected. xx/25 Recurring Yes (>=20)
Parts Collected. xx/100 Recurring Yes (>=30)
Luxuries. xxx/200 Recurring Yes 1 for each
Special Items given. x/5 Recurring
Data items unlocked. x/10 unknown
Repair Shelter Fence. Once
Build a shelter upgrade. Once
Build three shelter upgrades. Once
Build six shelter upgrades. Once
Build ten shelter upgrades. Once
Build thirteen shelter upgrades. Once
Search outside the shelter for useful locations. Once
Explore five new locations. Once
Explore fifteen new locations. Once
Explore thirty new locations. Once
Explore forty new locations. Once
Explore sixy-five new locations. Once
Find enough food to survive for a week. Once
Find 100 pounds of fresh food. Once
Find luxury goods to make the shelter more comfortable. Once