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Traffic is a random encounter. It seems to be optional as it can skipped. There is a message on the map: "you hear shuffling feet." Traffic consist of road filled with cars and woods on one side and open land on the other.

Location[ | ]

Random triggered.

Resources[ | ]

The two sources for loot are the cars and zombies. This offers up mostly luxury items, some parts, some food and a few items like a cyclist helm.

Zombies[ | ]

38 mm ammo (1), 9 mm Ammo(2), Bike Helmet, Parts(3), Cigarettes, Playing Cards.

Cars[ | ]

Mostly Fuel

Enemies[ | ]

Zombies are scattered about.


Bloody Girl, Dead Cyclist, Dead Man, Failed Survivor, Gutless Corpse, Smelling Corpse.

Remarks[ | ]

Firing a gun spawns zombies.