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Trailer Park
Fallen Flag

The Trailer Park is a place of debris and derelicts is all that is left after a tornado passed and wreaked havoc.

Location[ | ]

Leave the shelter at Splendid to travel directly towards Austin and you will pass the abandoned camp and eventually this trailer park. It is located ten miles east of Route 281 and ten north of Route 290.

Resources[ | ]

There are some luxuries, food and some tools(used as weapons) to get. There is even a hunting shotgun, although empty. The most interesting you can get are possible the gifts like deodorant or sleeping pills.


If you take Darlene along she will retrieve her bow Sterling. Which is the best bow in the game. You will have to take Darlene along.1

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]


Allies & neutrals[ | ]

A man called Laughing Man stands among the wreckage. He can be talked to. He will not say anything useful and is beyond help. After a short chat he leaves regardless of what you say.

Enemies[ | ]


Notes[ | ]

1 Darlene will get Sterling even if she did not ask you to you get it. So the only requirement is to have her come along.

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