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The Truck Stop is a stop along route 83 and has the things you might expect like a gas station, a diner, a fast food restaurant and a large parking lot with cars.

Location[ | ]

Truck Stop is located to the south of the Shelter on Route 87 running from Brady to Route 10 in the south.

Resources[ | ]

Well, it is a gas station and you would expect... but no, there is surprisingly little fuel to get for a gas station.

Trucks and cars:

3.0 Gallons of fuel.

Gas station:

Mostly food and some luxuries.

Bison Fast Food.

Not much, mostly food, some luxuries and a gift.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies

There are some zombies here, mostly around the gas station. All doors are unlocked except for the backdoor of the Burger Bar Diner.


Gas station[ | ]


  • Left: Reeking Woman, Dead Looter.
  • Back: Old Body.
  • Front: facing a petrol pump is a Stumbling Man.


  • Battered Corpse in the shop.
  • Rotten Looter in the back.

Bison Fast Food[ | ]


  • Right: Dead Cop
  • Left: Fresh Body
  • Back: Slashed Woman
  • Inside: none.

Burger Bar Diner[ | ]


Allies[ | ]

You can recruit three allies here as one group: Mark Corbeau, Michiru Yata, Ryan Michaels. They are in the diner.

Trivia[ | ]

Route 87 runs from Brady over the crossing by Mason to the town of Fredricksburg and then south to connect to Highway 10 at Comfort. There seems to be no place like Truck Stop on that part of the road.