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The US83 Rest Stop is a large area with a Petrol station, A filling station with, a Taco The Town restaurant, a Java Manatee coffee bar, An OI' Scratch Pizza place and a restroom building in the back.

Location[ | ]

As the name suggests it is a stop along Route 83, about four hours walking at skill 4 from the shelter.

Resources[ | ]

A big place with a five buildings and a lot of cars offering food, luxuries, fuel, parts and weapons(on the looters mostly). But no gifts or special items. And surprisingly barely enough for a one time haul with four allies..

Notable Loot

  • Hunting rifle with ammo in the weapons bag in the campsite.

Doors and alarms[ | ]

Most doors are unlocked except for the one's mentioned below. There are no alarms.


The back door of the Taco The Town is locked. Door has a rating of 100.

The front door of the OI' Scratch Pizza is locked. Door has a rating of 50.

The back door of the gas station is locked. Door has rating 100.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters

*Spoilers*[ | ]

There are around five looters and an dog lead by a survivalist.

Almost all looters are armed with pistols mostly snubnoses and have a knife or handaxe as backup.

Outside around the campfire.

  • Survivalist(police shotgun)
  • Looter Sentry(9 mm)
  • Experienced Looter(hunting shotgun? but comes at you with a bat)
  • Armed Looter(snubnose)
  • Attack dog

Inside the Taco The Town Restaurant.

  • Female Looter(snubnose)
  • Crazed Looter(snubnose)

Remarks: firing guns does have a small chance to spawn zombies.