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The Undead attack...

Undead Attack[ | ]

You appear just when a group of undead attack a group of humans. This is a map with some trees, a campsite in the middle.

Location[ | ]

Random encounter.

Resources[ | ]

Food, Luxuries and medicines in the Bugout Bag in the campsite.

Weapons, food, ammo and parts on the looters.

A various of small items on the zombies.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters
  • Zombies

A two Looters and an outdoorsman are fighting a group of zombies.

Looters[ | ]

  • Nervous Looter(Snubnose and knive).
  • Female Looter(Snubnose and hatchet).
  • Outdoorsman(Hunting Shotgun, Kitchen Knive, parts).

Zombies[ | ]

  • Failed Survivor
  • Smelling Corpse
  • Looter Corpse
  • Chewed Man
  • Looter Girl
  • Physician Corpse

Remarks: nosies might spawn zombies.