Items in this list raise the mood of allies who want that item.

Name Requested By Description
Bag of Medical Marijuana
Aggro Moss, Aimee Sysko, Clifford Ghaffey, Mia Seza, Parisa Sharazi, Regina, Sara Seza, Troy Cooper, Ulysses Ford

Everyone has their vices, some more legal than others - though who's to say what's legal anymore? It also helps some people cope with stress.

Aggro Moss, Nathan Harris, Bud Larsen, Grant White, Lloyd McCroskey, Ken Nash, Paul Rainier

A quality cigar. Relaxing after a hard day. Best for morale if smoked outside.

Anita Cass, Davis Cray, Elaine Martin, Grant White, Harold Kyun, Jenifer Strong, Karen Landey, Ryan Michaels, Sandy Doubleday

Extra-strength deodorant. Just because there's a faint scent of rot in the air all the time, doesn't mean you want to add to it.

Fancy Chocolates
Anita Cass, Fiona Parks, Joel Oswalt, Mia Seza, Oscar Guzman, Priscilla Butler, Troy Cooper

Fine chocolates made for lovers of real cacao.

Fine Bourbon
Bud Larsen, Darlene Lumpkin, Isobel Dee, Mark Corbeau, Ken Nash, Paul Rainier, Regina, Vic Castillo

A rare bottle of extremely fine aged bourbon.

Hot Sauce
Darlene Lumpkin, Doug Schultz, Effrem Montague, Harold Kyun, Joel Oswalt, Lane Vibesit, Vic Castillo

Even the worst food can be tolerated with a little hot sauce on it. This may raise the mood of a certain ally if you give it to them.

Rechargeable Batteries
Aimee Sysko, Doug Schultz, Effrem Montague, Gillian DeVries, Michiru Yata, Oscar Guzman, Renee Cass, Ryan Michaels, Todd Kantell

These batteries come with a charger to keep them going. Always comforting to have fresh batteries.

Sleeping Pills
Clifford Ghaffey, Elaine Martin, Max Getz, Michiru Yata, Parisa Sharazi, Sandy Doubleday, Sir Charleston, Todd Kantell

Given what some people have been through, taking sleeping pills is the only reliable way for some people to sleep.

Mark Corbeau, Melina Guzman, Priscilla Butler, Sir Charleston, Walter Addison

A collection of various quality spices. Turns a few simple ingredients into a gourmet meal.

Whole Bean Coffee
Craig Sullivan, Davis Cray, Isobel Dee, Jenifer Strong, Lane Vibesit, Lloyd McCroskey, Melina Guzman, Nathan Harris, Renee Cass, Sara Seza, Ulysses Ford
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