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Vegetable Farm Entrance
Vegetable Farm

The Vegetable Farm is a farm consisting of a Farmhouse, a barn and a garage.

Location[ | ]

The Vegetable Farm is located south of Interstate 20 and west of Route 281 and roughly 20 miles north of Stephenville.

Resources[ | ]

There are three fields with vegetables. Clockwise starting left of the entrance: Potatoes, Tomatoes and Corn. The barn and garage offer parts and some fuel. The farmhouse food and luxuries.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Chicken
  • Seed packets
  • DVDs
  • DVD player
  • Data Items

Note: the Fruitstand next to the highway can be looted. however.. it won't show a container sign.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

All doors are locked with a door rating of 50, except for the side door of the garage.There are no alarms.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Coyotes own this place.

In the fields[ | ]

  • Coyote Scout
  • Coyote Scout

Inside the farmhouse[ | ]

  • Coyote Guard
  • Coyote Sergeant
  • Lady Coyote
  • Attack Dog

In Garage[ | ]

  • Coyote Groupie
  • Coyote Brawler

Barn[ | ]

  • Coyote Outlaw
  • Coyote Enforcer