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Vic Castillo

Vic Castillo is an Ally in Dead State. He is a police deputy and one of three officers in Splendid, Texas. During the evacuation of Splendid, Vic alerted the Sheriff of the eventual plane crash after Davis alerted him to the pilot's distress call. After rescuing the whoever they could from the crash site, Vic and the Sheriff left to seek help, leaving Joel Oswalt at the School with the other survivors.

Vic is one of the six Subleaders at the Shelter.

Recruitment[ | ]

Vic will show up at the Shelter automatically on Day 8.

Events[ | ]

  • When Vic shows up at the Shelter, he will automatically assume that he's the one in charge. He'll tell about how the Sheriff and he were ambushed and the Sheriff was killed - doubt his version of events and he'll lose Respect for you (although if you have a Leadership or Negotiation skill of 2 or more, you can back out of that and get the Respect back). He'll take stock of what you've done so far at the Shelter, and will gain or lose Respect based on that: Gain - building fence, nobody dead; Lose - getting someone killed, getting Joel Oswalt killed. If you push that you're the one in charge, he'll lose Respect - but if you have Leadership or Negotiation or 2 or more, you can talk him into a Respect bonus. If you just feel like sassing him, he'll take a greater Respect penalty.
  • Two days after his arrival, Vic will have a dialogue with you reactive to your fence condition, and (if you haven't built it yet) will ask you to build a Wood-Reinforced Fence. If you're dismissive, he'll lose Respect; if you take him seriously, he'll gain it. Either way, if you've not built the upgrade, Vic will expect it to be completed in two weeks.
    • When the fence is completed, Vic will gain a fair amount of Respect for you, and gain a Mood boost.
    • If the fence isn't done in two weeks, Vic will take a Mood and Respect penalty and be upset it's not completed. If you have a Negotiation skill of 5 or more, you can ask for another week to get it done. Otherwise, you risk losing increasing amounts of Respect from Vic, depending on the tenor of your reply.
  • At just about two weeks, if Joel is alive, you'll run across Joel Oswalt telling Vic how much he misses the Sheriff, and will ask for time off. If you deny him the time off (or say he can only have 1 day), Vic will lose respect for you; push it, and he'll lose even more Respect - you can also just drop the issue, or if you have a Negotiation skill of 3 or more you can talk him down to 1 day only. If you ignore the conversation, Vic will give Joel the time off on his own (making Joel unavailable for 2 days). If you have a Leadership or Negotiation or 4 or more, you can wait until Joel leaves to talk to Vic: when you do, you can ask him to run choices through you first (gains Respect), tell him to revoke the days off (loses Respect), or drop the issue.
  • On Day 20, Vic will bring up checking out the other emergency shelters, and will give you locations of each, and ask you to come to him when you've checked each out. When you've visited each location, the option to talk to him about them comes up in his Shelter dialogue; once you've checked them all out, he'll gain some Mood and a lot of Respect.
  • On Day 26, Vic will bring up trying to get in contact with the police at Coleman. He'll ask to be brought with you when you go.
    • If you haven't checked out Coleman within a week of this conversation, Vic will lost some Mood and a fair amount of Respect.
    • If you brought Vic to Coleman and walked away after the conversation with Dick Ferguson, Vic will apologize back at the Shelter, gaining a fair amount of Respect for you. You can use this opportunity to ask him for a future favor, and gain some more Respect.
    • If you attack the cops in Coleman prior to meeting them with Vic, he will be furious with you, and lose a lot of Respect and some Mood.
      • After meeting with the cops in Coleman, on any return visit to Coleman, you can to attempt trade resources or information but they will still be hostile towards you.
      • After killing all the cops in Coleman, Davis will inform you that remaining cops in the area will attack you on sight (random encounters).
  • On Day 48, Vic will come up to you and talk to you about how you've been running the Shelter. This is reactive to your level of Respect with him:
    • If you have a low Respect, he'll lose Mood, and tell you to improve or get kicked out. If you ask him what he'd do in your situation, he'll gain some Respect. If you threaten or disrespect him, he'll lose Respect. If you have a Negotiation or Leadership skill of 6 or more, you can rattle him into gaining a fair amount of Respect. Promise you'll try to turn things around, he'll be pleased and gain a small amount of Respect.
    • If you have a high Respect, Vic will gain a good chunk of Mood. If you have a Negotiation skill of 4 or more, you can ask for his support and gain a large chunk of Respect. With a Leadership skill of 4 or more, you can credit him and gain a decent amount of Respect.
  • On Day 60, Vic will mention that he is concerned about the long-term fuel consumption at the Shelter (if you're not hostile towards the militia and you haven't taken Vic to the Oil Refinery). He says that he knows of a location (Oil Refinery) and a former colleague (Ken Nash) who runs the place. He'll ask to be taken along when you go.
    • If you bring Vic to the Oil Refinery to meet Ken Nash, he'll agree to set up a meeting with Jefferson Claude, the militia leader, without you needing to trade or prove yourself.
    • If you threaten or kill Nash, Vic will become furious - he'll receive a Mood penalty and lose some Respect.
  • After recruiting Regina, you will find Vic and her arguing the morning after she joins the Shelter. If you have a Leadership skill of 2 or more, you can threaten them to knock it off. If you ask more about what's going on, it'll take a skill of 4 or greater. If you take the side of either, the other will lose a chunk of Respect. Keep walking, and both will lose a smaller amount of Respect.
  • If Vic is in the Shelter when Effrem Montague arrives, the morning after his arrival, Vic will warn Effrem that he's watching him. Take Effrem's side immediately, and Vic will get a small Mood penalty. As things get more tense, if you side with Effrem, Vic will take a Mood penalty and lose respect for you, while Effrem will gain a Mood boost. If you side with Vic, Effrem will take a larger Mood penalty, but Vic will get a small mood boost and gain respect for you. If you have a Leadership skill at 4 or more, you can demand the two make peace, resulting in a very small Mood loss for both of them. Afterwards he will discuss with you that he still doesn't trust Effrem and with a Negotiation of 6 or higher you can gain a large amount of respect in exchange for Effrem leaving the shelter. (At this same point, there is also a dialogue unlocked trough Leadership skill, where you point out what'd happen if Effrem were to be kicked out, since he could end up dying due to his former crimes, a future which Vic agrees is unfair, therefore becoming convinced of Effrem staying, though he also says he'll keep watching him closely. I don't know the mood impact this option has)
  • If Max Getz is in the Shelter, Vic will mention that he doesn't think he's sane. You can agree that he's unstable and join Vic to throw Getz out, resulting in a large boost of Respect.
  • If Darlene Lumpkin is in the Shelter and Vic respects you, he'll ask to get a bottle of whiskey from storage. Turn him down and he'll lose respect. Let him have it, and he'll gain Respect. If you have a Negotiation of 5 or more, you can offer the whiskey in exchange for a favor (and gain Respect). If you have a Leadership of 6 or more, you can talk him out of the whiskey and still gain some Respect.
  • After a month, if Vic and Darlene Lumpkin are together, they'll ask for a day to spend together. If you freely give them a day, it will give them both a Mood boost, and raise Vic's respect level for you. If you are crass about it or refuse to give them a day off, they'll both suffer a Mood penalty (and Vic will lose respect for you).
  • If Nash was killed trying to escape, you have the option to tell Vic you're sorry about his death in his Shelter dialogue.
  • If Joel is killed, you can tell Vic you're sorry about his death in his Shelter dialogue.
  • If Grant murders someone, Vic will bring it up with you next morning knowing the others couldn't be responsible. You can choose to silence him for good which will result in a morale loss depending on if you got a Negotiation or 8 or not. You can also choose to settle this peacefully with a Negotiation/Leadership of 8 that it's too late to change the outcome of the trial and only lose a moderate of mood and respect. If you fail to handle this, Vic will lose a great deal of respect to the point of mutiny.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Item


  • Wood-Reinforced Fence

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Vic focuses his initial skill gain on Ranged, Leadership, and Melee, then Medical, Survival, and Mechanical. His stats advance down the line - Vigor, Perception, Agility, and Strength.

Traits[ | ]


  • Authority Figure: "Due to his authoritative presence, Vic generates an additional point of Morale per day."
  • Deadeye: "Due to his extensive firearms training, Vic has an additional square of effective range with all Ranged type weapons."
  • Sidearm Specialist: "Vic is an expert at using handguns, and gains an additional 5% critical chance with them."
  • Sub-Leader: "This person is someone who speaks with authority, and whom certain people have chosen to listen to."
  • Wooden Wall: "This ally enjoys having a Wood-Reinforced Fence around the Shelter, and will gain a one-time Mood bonus after it is completed."

Play Style[ | ]

An early mainstay in the party for his deadly accuracy and range with a 9mm. His Ranged skill is often the first to maximize, making him lethal in ranged combat especially when paired with Paul.

Vic will react negatively to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 41
  • Hometown: San Antonio, TX
  • Shelter Location: First floor, near entrance to basement
  • Illness: Nightmares (From the incident at San Antonio)
  • Vic's visual reference is actor Josh Brolin