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The Winters Emergency Shelter...

Winters Emergency Shelter[ | ]

This is one of three places Vic will ask you to investigate. It is a emergency shelter consisting of army tent and emergency buildings. In front of the main gate are a lot of cars.

Location[ | ]

The Winters Emergency Shelter is located roughly 30 miles to the south of Abilene along Route 83. It is to the north-west of the shelter at Splendid.

Resources[ | ]

The Winters Emergence Shelter is one of those places that you can hit early into the game to get some goodies that you otherwise have to fight hard. Among the spoils are a MS4 assault rifle, AKA7 assault rifle and a hunting-rifle. There is also a far amount of fuel, foods and luxuries.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • MS4(the Nissen hut next to the telephone mast)
  • AKA7(the Nissen hut next to the telephone mast)
  • Anti-Biotics( the medics tent and the shipping container office next to it)
  • Bobble-Head Figurine(in a car outside the main gate)
  • Hunting Rifle(in a car outside the main gate)
  • Data items

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies

There are a lot of zombies here.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

If you divide up the compound in four parts the top-right(when facing from the outside towards the main gate) is the most dangerous with a lot of former soldiers(usually better protected) clustered together. Especially inside the Nissen huts(that is the name for the two half-round buildings covered by corrugated steel). The top-left has medicines and the like.

The other two half contain zombies quite spaced out, so easy to take out one for one.

Trivia[ | ]

To tell Vic about the fate of the Shelter you have to get inside the Shelter area(beyond the main gate). Vic doesn't seem to react differently if you take him along, which results in you having to tell him something he already ought to know from experience.